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Meeting Pods come in many different configurations and also sizes. They are designed to have meetings with small up to very large groups and because of this there are many options to choose from.

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Meeting Pods

Reduce noise and improve focus with high-quality meeting pods

The office should be a place of collaboration and communication, with all team members working towards a similar goal. Unfortunately, the general hustle and bustle of the average open-plan office can cause problems when it comes to meetings.

Enter our pods, the cost-effective and stylish solution to providing your team with a quiet space to work and collaborate. With a range of available styles, you can give your employees a safe place to escape the constant noise that often comes with an open office environment.


The benefits of a meeting pod

With so many fantastic pods available, you’ll have no problems choosing which is best for your team. Our pods come in all shapes and sizes, but the best thing about them is the fact that they’re cost-effective solutions for using a construction team for a new meeting room.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

We will develop a complete office cabin plan for your office space

Privacy & Security

We use certified materials and are soundproofed and dismantled tested before shipping

Privacy & Security

Global shipping

We support global shipping and conference cabin customization services


Office Phone Booths

Office Phone Booths are the modern, ultra-enhanced version of the typical public phone booth you can find on any street, but it has been adapted for use in a professional setting, most commonly an office. In simple terms, Office Phone Booths are a kind of office pod, ideal for single occupancy, where users can pop in and make phone or video calls in a private and quiet environment. These booths allow your team to make private calls, and the larger designs can double as an open meeting room.

Office Meeting Pods

What are office meeting pods, and why are they beneficial?
Meeting Pods are a category of office pods specially designed to fit at least two people, so they are ideal for team meetings. These Pods can easily be described as an open meeting room within a room; a fully enclosed unit that, as the name suggests, is primarily used for meetings.

They are available in various sizes, from small two-person pods to large pods that can fit over ten people, ideal for large board meetings or all-staff training days. What defines a meeting pod is it’s fully enclosed with four walls, a door, a roof, and often a carpeted floor. Open offices are ideal for businesses because the layout ensures all team members can work together – but they’re not so great when it comes to conducting meetings.

A meeting room can make creating a dynamic space for your employees easier without losing the open-plan environment.


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Effective collaboration

Meeting pod designs also use sound-absorbing materials in the shape of fully upholstered walls, ceilings, and carpeted floors, as well as doors sealed with acoustic foil. Not only does this offer privacy, but it also heightens the acoustic property of the pods, as there are no open areas from where noise can escape or enter the pod.

Thanks to all these properties, meeting pods are ideal for quiet private conversations, where users can have confidential meetings or simply serve as a space for rest and relaxation, away from the noise and distractions of the open-plan office.

People working or having meetings inside meeting pods will perform better and produce better results. Their concentration will not be constantly interrupted by the noises of colleagues talking, making phone and video calls, printing, or simply passing by. These pods are ideal as a focus room because they allow team members to work better, share ideas and develop practical solutions for your business to grow.

Meeting Pods are highly flexible units; not only are they available in a variety of sizes to fit any purpose and/or space needed, but they also come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and finishes. Companies don’t need to change their space to fit the design, as our booth options are highly adaptable.

They also come flat packed and can be dismantled, moved, and reassembled as and when needed so that they offer a long-term product that will move along with the changing needs of your office and your staff. Our office pods also come fitted with different levels of equipment, from lights, ventilation systems, power, and data connections, to fully integrated furniture such as tables and chairs/sofas.

Meeting Pods have absolutely everything you would expect to find in a professional, fully functional built-in office, but with the flexibility and value for money that only an office pod can provide.

Zenbooth collection
If you’re a fan of the Zenbooth solo design, you’ll love their stunning meeting rooms. We offer the Zenbooth Duo, which is ideal for small meetings, private calls, and office work. With the ability to fit two people, you can run performance reviews without taking up too much space. Or, opt for the impressive Zenbooth Quad, which features a similar design to the Duo but will easily fit four people.

Hush Meet Pods
Another popular option is to install the full suite of Hush Meet Pods. These booths are perfect for the contemporary office and make great private spaces for focused work. You can take advantage of affordable prices in a wide range of sizes. Better still, you can tailor the pods to fit in with the rest of the workplace and enjoy a stress-free installation.

Silent Room Pods
Sitting in a meeting never felt so good with these stunning pods. They ooze modern design and can easily fit a TV screen and other equipment such as an office phone for your meetings. Ideal for working on projects or as a quiet space, you can choose a range of customization options with each design.

Future-proof your business today with a meeting pod
Shopping with us means you take advantage of a wide selection of pods that allow your employees to get some much-needed privacy. We offer great prices, speedy delivery, and a range of customization options.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like advice on whether a pod will be suitable for its intended location within your office or have any questions about the customization options. We’re always around to help. Shop today and enjoy giving your team the focus, privacy, and collaboration they need to be successful.

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Silent Pod provides open-plan offices and co-working spaces with stylish, private, and mobile pods that let teams step away from the noise and distraction of the office and into their own little slice of silence.



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