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ADA Breastfeeding Pod is a wheelchair accessible nursing mother’s oasis. This spacious private pod is specifically designed for moms to breastfeed comfortably and conveniently. The pod is furnished with a comfortable lounge chair and an ample sized desk, perfect for both mom and baby to relax. A mirror and a coat hook are also included, ensuring that moms can stay organized while taking care of their little ones.


ADA Breastfeeding Pod is a spacious lactation area designed for wheelchair accessibility
Dimensions: 90.5H x 86.6W x 84D

Ramp and door clearance provides Wheelchair Accessibility
Molded aluminum frame
Filmed and fogged privacy glass
Industrial acoustic glass
Dense acoustic panels
Locking and latching door
LED lighting
Ventilation system
Motion sensor
Power outlets and USB ports
Bench, table, and mirror

ADA Breastfeeding Pod
The exterior frame of the ADA Breastfeeding pod is made from molded aluminium and features high tech privacy glass for confidentialty and provides a quiet retreat for breastfeeding parents. The door clerance accommodates a wheelchair and a ramp is included for ease of access. The ventilation system featured in these lactation pods help to make sure that they are always fresh and clean. And, with power outlets available, moms can recharge their electronics while recharging themselves. The ADA Breastfeeding Pod is the ultimate solution for a private, functional, and comfortable breastfeeding experience.

LED lighting provides a gentle, comfortable atmosphere to relax and focus on nursing without any outside distractions. The air circulation keeps the temperature at a comfortable level and can be adjusted to suit the individual. Both lighting and ventilation is motion sensored making these Breastfeeding Pods, extremely user friendly lactation spaces.

Connectivity is also at the forefront of this pod design with 2 electrical power outlets and 2 USB ports. Nursing Mothers can charge and connect multiple devices so multi-tasking is not an issue whilst nursing in in the ADA Breastfeeding Pod!

For nursing mothers who use wheelchairs, finding a private space or lactation pod to pump milk can often be a challenging. That’s where ADA lactation rooms come in handy. These accessible spaces provide a safe, comfortable, and secure location for women to take care of their nursing needs without worrying about interruptions or feeling exposed. With a locking door and plenty of amenities, ADA lactation rooms offer a sense of ease and well-being to mothers who want to continue providing breast milk for their babies.

Mothers who use wheelchairs to aid mobility, deserve a private and secure space for breastfeeding their little ones. The ADA breastfeeding pod is the perfect solution for bringing comfort and relaxation into the act of nursing your baby. These ADA pods are spacious enough for full wheelchair access nad turnin, have additional seating, and a soundproof, private enclosure to ensure that you and your baby have the most intimate bonding experience possible. The secure locking system guarantees that every mom can latch and doze off comfortably without worrying about the outside world. Whether you’re at home or out and about, the breastfeeding pod is an excellent choice for mothers who want to make the most of their nursing time.

By investing in these freestanding ADA lactation pods, companies and public spaces show their commitment to supporting working mothers who need additional mobility support and creating environments that prioritize health and family values.

American Disabilities Act ADA
Over two decades ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, marking a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. For the first time, individuals with disabilities were guaranteed the right to equal access and opportunity in the workplace, in schools and universities, and in public places.

The law has had a major impact on countless Americans, providing necessary accommodations and levelling the playing field for those with disabilities. While there is still work to be done to ensure full accessibility, safety and inclusion for everyone, the passage of the ADA was a critical step forward towards a more just and equitable society. More information is available in the reference list below

The PUMP Act
The Consolidated Appropriations Act was signed in to law on December 29th 2022. The law includes the ‘Pump Act’ which enables nearly all FLSA-covered employees have the right to take needed time and to access an appropriate, comfortable space to express breast milk for a mother of a nursing child for up to one year after the child’s birth. The federal Break Time for Nursing Mothers law requires employers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to provide basic accommodations for breastfeeding mothers at work.

Read more about the law on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website and associated links below:

Information regarding Lactation pods and ADA pod is for reference only and further information can be accessed from current Lactation legislation and/or speak to Building Management Teams to ensure proper conformance.


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