BuildUp Work Booth Framery Acoustics Soundproof Conference Room Booth Albania


Size: 2 person
Function: Acoustic,

Real wood spruce veneer or lacquer finish.

Acoustic Panels:
Fully upholstered acoustic panels available in light grey or black.

Abrasion-resistant, fitted carpet.

Tempered soundproof glass.


BuildUp Work Booth
The BuildUp Work Booth is an ideal option for an individual to focus and concentrate in a quiet, peaceful, private area. The circular design of the BuildUp Work Booth means disruptions when inside the booth are kept to a minimum. These works Booths are semi-open to provide excellent acoustics but also keep connected to the outer working space.

The BuildUp Work Booth provides a small personal corner for not only work tasks that require focus, but also for reading and recreational pauses. The Work Booth is fitted with a form fitted worktop for a comfortable space for engaging tasks where focus is key. The BuildUp Work Booth is not only highly adaptable but has an elegant, attractive exterior, showcasing Swedish Design.

The curved circular upholstered 80mm acoustic wall panels are available in a selection of colourways and fabrics, providing great sound absorption both on the inside and out. The acoustic walls ensure reverberation time is reduced and a pleasant meeting atmosphere is achieved.

The generous entrance to BuildUp Work Booth does not include a threshold making these Work Booths extremely wheelchair friendly. The Work Booth includes a single privacy curtain rail as standard with curtains available as an additional extra in a large range of colours.

These acoustic circular Work Booths are a smart and practical solution for offices looking to create a private space for employees to make phone calls or hold virtual meetings. These Work Booths are designed with sound-absorbing materials that help reduce noise levels, creating an environment where employees can communicate without distractions.

The circular shape of the booth also helps to enhance acoustics by reducing echoes and improving sound quality. This not only improves the overall audio experience but also creates a more focused environment where important discussions can take place. Moreover, these Work Booths have sleek designs that add an aesthetic touch to any office space.

They are perfect for companies looking to optimize their workplace design while promoting privacy and productivity among team members. Overall, acoustic circular Work Booths are an ideal addition to any modern office space looking to create a more functional and efficient workspace.

The BuildUp Work Booth is comprised of 3 curved screen and is a completely self-supporting construction, making it quick and easy to install. Ceiling, wall or floor attachments are not necessary as this is a total stand-alone Meeting Booth. There are adjustment feet included on all booths to accommodate uneven floor surfaces and allow height adaption.

Because of the free-standing nature of the BuildUp Work Booth, they are easy to relocate and move to another space or location if desired. All fittings on the booth screens are intentionally hidden within the structure of the curved walls maintaining a clean, neat appearance. Wiring for power is also cleverly incorporated into the booth through the plinth and conduits.

The exposed wooden ceiling beams add a sense of nature and are made of finger jointed pine. The lighting on the BuildUp Work Booth includes one LED-Light strip which is integrated between the wooden ceiling beams and controlled by an internal switch that can also be combined with additional lighting on wall or table depending on configuration chosen. The carpet in the BuildUp Work Booth features an Ogeborg high quality covering in a selection of colours, not only hard-wearing but also in keeping with the cosy surroundings of the Work Booth.

The BuildUp Work Booth has a form fitted worktop with an ideal working height of 740mm providing a comfortable working space for devices and possessions. The worktop is finished in clear lacquered MDF with an Ash or Linoleum edging. There are 2 power sockets located just at eye level above the worktop for connectivity to computers, networks or charging facilities.

Manufacture of the BuildUp Work Booths is also carefully considered, achieving quality requirements for Swedish environmental and responsible supply chain standards. The Work Booths are 100% recyclable materials in south Sweden. The BuildUp Work Booth is also available without the fitted desk or sofa options.


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