Cubiq Meeting Pod Soundproof Meeting Booth Framery Meeting Pods Bulgaria


Side solid walls made of sound-absorbing panels, with acoustic insulation available in a variety of colours
Back and front walls made of sound-insulating glass
Oak glass wall and door frame
Door handle also in oak

Sound-absorbing ceiling panel and side walls, with acoustic insulation
Carpeted floor in anthracite grey

Automatic/manual ventilation system, included as a standard

Integrated LED lighting

Power socket and USB connection, included as standard


Cubiq Meeting Pod
Transform any space into your own private meeting room with Cubiq Meeting Pod. Experience unmatched flexibility with standing configurations for two to four people.

Escape the chaos of a noisy office with the Cubiq Meeting Pod. This unique meeting room provides maximum privacy for you and your colleagues, allowing for undisturbed thinking and discussion. Whether you need a quick meeting at the bar stand or a comfortable space for deeper debates, the flexible design of Cubiq has you covered.

Cubiq Meeting Pod is a fully enclosed unit that has everything to cover the necessities of the modern meeting room. As its name indicates, this meeting pod is a cube-like, solid structure with side walls composed of acoustically insulated, sound-absorbing panels, available in a variety of fabric.

These cushion looking panels are perfectly balanced with glass back and front panels surrounded by a natural oak frame with discreet door. Altogether creating an uber contemporary structure, elegant and stylish space that can fit up to two people, for formal or informal meetings alike.


The interior of the Cubiq Pod is also fully upholstered, continuing with the same sound-absorbing panels from the exterior, with lighting as well as a sound absorbing ceiling and a carpeted floor in grey colour.

This meeting pod is also fully equipped with a ventilation system, LED lighting and power and data outlets. Thanks to its rather complete specification, the Cubiq Meeting Pod can instantly create much needed meeting spaces for any office or public space suffering from constant ambiance noise and distractions, without having to embark on costly and timely building works.

This meeting pod is also more aesthetically pleasing than the standard built-in meeting room, its soft external panel and natural oak accents can truly revamp or enhance any other room or office space, as it can be provided in a variety of fabrics.

Cubiq Meeting Pod, is also provided unfurnished so that you can fit in whatever you already have around the office, thus making it even more cost efficient. This meeting pod solution is a practical, economical and stylish alternative to the bulky and expensive built-in meeting rooms.


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