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Hush Work Pod is a fully functioning office where work gets done in private
63in wide x 94.5in high x 47.2in deep (seats 1)

Variety of fabric finishes available
Desk and shelving included, as standard
Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
Acoustic certification of speech suppression and sound reduction.
Power module (1no. power and 1no. USB port) mounted in the central column, as standard
Air circulation system and motion sensing light included, as standard


Hush Work Pod
For those who work in a bustling office environment, finding a quiet space for concentration can be a real challenge. Enter the Hush Work acoustic office booth, a sleek and stylish solution designed for productivity in mind.

This private, soundproofed space provides the perfect environment for individual work, phone calls, meetings or even collaborative work in small meetings within open plan environments or open work spaces.

With its high-quality acoustics and noise absorption material and optional ventilation system, the Hush Work booth offers a peaceful oasis in the midst of any noisy workspace. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to focus with the Hush Work acoustic office booth.

Hush Work Pod is a fully enclosed pod that provides an individual, fully functioning office where users can reduce noise and get work done in privacy. This work pod uses high performing acoustic materials that allows conversations inside the pods to stay private, while also being protected from external noises.

Though it is a private and enclosed acoustic pod, it is not at all isolated thanks to its clear glass back and front, which allows an uninterrupted view from the inside out and vice versa and it also means light can flow into the acoustic pod naturally.

Hush acoustic Pod comes fitted with a built-in table/desk and shelf so that there is more than enough room for laptops and a variety of working materials that will allow users to work efficiently without interruptions.

Presence activated ventilation and LED lighting guarantee comfort and organisation, as well as the power unit, with an option to add bluetooth speakers to create a more relaxing ambiance with music or a better sound for zoom and video calls for collaborative work group meetings.

These Hush Booths are larger than a standard phone booth, but it still has a small footprint meaning it can fit in most spaces and is easily moveable without construction while offering more comfort and equipment than a standard phone booth.

Hush Work Pod is an easy and economical way to enhance your office space with a freestanding design, it has a modern look available in a variety of finishes that can blend in or make a design statement seamlessly fit within pre-existing layouts.

Functionally, this Hush pod with superior acoustics provides a safe and protected space for meetings private, where users can work in deep and focused concentration within complete privacy and quietness, away from the noises and distractions of the everyday office.

Hush Work Pod is a cost effective modern-day office that can seamlessly fit into any office space, one or more units can easily be dotted around the office or used in formation to create state of the art private offices and meeting rooms that can be made available to employees at all levels, not just for high-level executives.


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