Hush Work Sit and Stand Room Conference Booth Meeting Pod Company Moldova


A fully functional space with a focus on the wellbeing of workers
63in wide x 94.5in high x 47.2in deep (1 person)

Exterior made of honeycomb, melamine covered board available in a variety of finishes
Front and back panels in acoustic, laminated safety glass with safety manifestation on the front
Option to have back glass panel fully frosted
Interior upholstered in a variety of finishes
Acoustic certification of speech suppression and sound reduction
Carpeted floor with intensive use materials
Motion activated LED lights in ceiling
Power module with USB and power outlets included
Sensor activated circulation systems
Height adjustable desk and shelf included as a standard


Hush Work Sit and Stand is a completely enclosed unit, specifically designed for single occupancy. It provides a wider space than the standard phone booth to make calls or work for a long period of time. It is available in a variety of finishes, while the interior is covered with acoustic panels that interrupt noises coming in or out the pod. The back and front panels are in clear glass that allows free flowing of light and communication from inside to outside, while a safety sticker provides a good level of privacy and also enhances the design.

Lack of enclosed rooms and private areas to make confidential calls or simply work in silence is a common problem of the modern day open plan office. Solving this common problem can be hard, due to high costs of building works and also the lengthy building permits, this is not the case with Hush Work Sit and Stand work pod. This work pod instantly creates private rooms that are also fully mobile as they can be dismantled and reassembled whenever the changing needs of your office space dictate.

This work pod has a modern design with soft edges, to create a contemporary look that can oscillate from formal to funky, depending on the chosen finish. It is fully equipped with lighting and ventilation systems, as well as power and USB connections.

Hush Work Sit and Stand goes even further into providing a fully functional space with a focus on the wellbeing of workers. It comes fitted with an integrated height adjustable desk, ideal to keep users fit and healthy while working. This work pod is ideal for every office looking to create a little oasis of calm within the open plan office, without having to create full, built-in offices. When you add one or more Hush Work Sit and Stand pods in your office space can really make a difference to the worklife of your office, it provides complete comfort and allows users to keep an active lifestyle by switching from seating to standing work modes without having to leave the office.

Hush Work Sit and Stand work pod, is the perfect combination of mindful working and work wellbeing, it is comfortable, practical and all in all a great addition to any office space.


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