Kolo Large Pod Framery 2Q Huddle Circular Meeting Pods


Kolo Large Meeting Pod is a quiet and comfortable, mobile meeting room


87in wide x 88.5in high x 90.5in deep (6-8 person)

87in wide x 88.5in high x 134in deep (8-10 person)

Choose from black or white for the external panels
Glass front and back panels to maximize natural light flow
Interior in dark grey sound-absorbing PET lining as a standard
As standard, the lighting comes with a motion sensor
Light brightness and temperature can be adjusted
Air ventilation system ​available
Power unit included, as standard
Provided unfurnished with multiple furniture options available as an extra
Neatly hides wiring in side panels


Kolo Large Pod
Kolo Large Pod office pod is a simple, yet elegant Meeting Pod, designed with large capacity at the core of its design. It provides comfortable, quiet and private areas for team meetings, where a large number of attendees are required.

The main characteristic of Kolo Large is that it is designed in a large format, available in two sizes which are able to fit from six to up to 10 people, depending on the size chosen.

Thanks to the office pods size, this large meeting room is very flexible and perfect to work as a board room, great for use by big corporations, needing to host team meetings without any compromise to functionality or comfort.

On top of its large size, Kolo large has a number of additional benefits and qualities to offer to its users. A clear example of this is the design of these meeting pods, they have a highly aesthetic design, characterized by soft, rounded edges that create a contemporary look, full of elegant simplicity and they are extemely well equipped.

Adding to this, is the fully glazed back, door and front panels of these office pods, creating a feeling of weightlessness, by providing a never ending flow of light. In addition to this, the glass panels also help keep an open communication between interior and exterior, without having to sacrifice privacy or quietness.

Kolo Large is also available in a variety of finishes for the pods’ external carcass, as well as for the PET covering of the internal walls.

The variety of finishes available make sure every Kolo Large user will be able to achieve the right look, you can choose from a simple white or black, for a minimalist look open plan office, or choose a bold red or blue, to make a bolder statement within your office space.

Kolo Large Pod is also very well equipped, and its level of equipment allows for a high performance meeting pod. For example, Kolo Large uses acoustic materials in its construction, helping create a great noise barrier that will keep your conversations and/or meetings private and confidential.

Similarly to the quietness provided, the interior environment is a real oasis, thanks to the temperature controlled ventilation system, keeping the meeting pod fresh and comfortable for use. Likewise, the fully integrated lighting system is dimmable to help reach the correct level of brightness and the right atmosphere.

This large meeting pod also comes with an integrated power unit, to make sure your meeting can be correctly powered, and a monitor can be fitted for teleconferences, or as a presentation tool.

Kolo Large Pod is provided empty, so it can be filled in with your preferred kind of furniture, from a formal desk and chair to be used as an executive suit, or a large table with conference chairs for boardroom and team meetings alike.

Kolo Large is a great solution to the lack of any large meeting rooms and spaces within any organization. It offers free standing spaces, fully equipped with everything you need to carry efficient and comfortable business meetings. It can be placed anywhere needed to instantly create estate of the art meeting rooms, that can easily rival any built in space.


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