Lohko Picea Work Pod Meeting Booth Office Meeting Pod Price Slovenia


A small office that can be placed in a larger one


71in wide x 89.76in high x 70.86in deep (1 person)

Real wood veneer panels, available in a variety of finishes
Laminate options also available
Adjustable ventilation with low noise level and motion activated
Dimmable LED lighting with motion sensor
Power socket included
Front wall and door in laminated and tempered sound control glass
Acoustic panels available in a variety of colours
42 dB acoustic rating
Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
Can be fully dismantled and reassembled
Provided empty
Optional desk and/or sofa available as an extra


Lohko Picea Work Pod
This is s a single occupancy pod, it is larger than a standard phone booth, a bit closer in size to a small two person meeting pod, so we can say it is a hybrid between a phone booth and a meeting pod. Because of its size, this work pod can favourably compare to any built-in individual office. Lohko Picea Work Pod is constructed with a wooden sandwich structure that provides a full enclosure with two solid walls, front and back glass panels with a door. The construction of this pod provides a secure, private and quiet unit, making it the perfect addition to any office seeking to add individual spaces where workers can find a space of solitude, peace and concentration, away from the chaos and noise of the office.

Lohko Picea Work Pod has a chic Scandinavian design, rooted in minimalist nature, with an uber elegant look. The work pod is available in a variety of finishes, from natural wood veneer, tainted or untainted, for those after a fresh and ‘organic’ look. It is also possible to have it finished in melamine, available in a variety of solid colours, for a more modern and vibrant look. Whatever your individual preference, Lohko Picea Work Pod can certainly be configured to fit in with any brand identity and/or office decor. The clear, tempered glass at the front and back panels allow an endless flow of light and communication between interior and exterior, while also creating a sense of weightlessness. The interior of the work pod can be further customized by choosing a pertinent colour for the acoustic felt panel.


In addition to being extremely aesthetic, Lohko Picea Work Pod is also highly efficient and performs at the highest standards in all scopes. This work pod is completely equipped with dimmable LED lights, to create the right ambiance and also with motion activation. It is also fitted with a motion activated and adjustable ventilation system. Lohko Picea Work Pod is provided empty for maximum flexibility, allowing you to furnish it with pre-existing pieces but it can also be equipped with a table and a comfortable sofa. Similarly, this work pod comes with a power module, to make sure users can work efficiently and without interruptions. Lohko Picea Work Pod is quiet and private thanks to the acoustic materials used in its construction, so it is perfect to carry out work in peace and full concentration.

Lohko Picea Work Pod is a free standing unit that provides private office spaces, optimal for concentrating on your best work. Thanks to its powerful ventilation system, smart electronics and its high level of sound absorption, Lohko Picea Work Pod is the ultimate individual office booth. Simply the perfect workstation.


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