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With its dual power outlets, the Vessel Standard lactation pod gets you connected in no time for pumping equipment or mobile/laptop. The exterior is made from recycled mineral wool, giving superior acoustic performance and insulation, and exterior colour options are available in mapel and white. A shatterproof flexiglass skylight is also incorporated into the ceiling, allowing natural light to flow through, and includes dimmer switch controls for the LED lighting. Keeping privacy at the forefront of the design, there is an occupancy sign on the door indicating if it is in use or not.


breastfeeding pod with optional lactation station for cleanliness


Dimensions: 68.75”W x 92”D x 85″H; 1 person

Dimmable Lighting, 2 skylights and optional frosted privacy film
A sliding desk with built-in power outlets and ergonomic seating for working and pumping
Optional built-in plumbing-free sink and mini fridge for washing equipment and milk storage
The exterior is made from recycled mineral wool
Occupency sensor controls ventilation and lighting
Mirror, trash can, and door hooks sold separately
2 Skylights for natural lighting
Manufactured in the US

Experience the ultimate pumping experience for breastfeeding parents. The Vessel design goes beyond meeting your needs; it elevates them. Nessel Vessel Standard has an optional lactation station where pumps and hands can be cleaned for comfort and convenience. There has thankfully been a transition from poorly organised pumping corners in bathrooms and rooms to private compassionate areas, and now lactation pods and spaces stand testament to such an investment in this. Giving employees a secure lactation pod space option not only reduces stress and anxiety but also allows a natural and vital process to happen.

Reinventing Lactation Space
With a portable sink/lactation station as an optional extra, the Vessel Standard creates a calm, serene atmosphere for nursing mothers. The ventilation that kicks in on occupancy provides fresh air for a comfortable, consistent temperature. The Nessel Vessle Standard lactation pod is easy to install. The optional lactation station with sink is simple to set up and just needs to be plugged in. The designers of the Nessel lactation pods really understand which features will provide maximum benefit and comfort for nursing mothers, and these details have been carefully considered and included to elevate the pumping experience for breastfeeding employees. The airy yet cozy interior provides consistent temperature performance.

Allowing Mothers To Pump Milk Naturally
Lactation lounges are an ideal lactation space for a nursing mother. Solitary pods cater to protect the individual’s privacy, supporting mothers and providing peace of mind. With ventilation providing fresh air and LED soft natural light, the lactation experience is drastically improved, resulting in a positive work environment. One of the things that makes a significant difference in a pumping experience is the serene setting. It can be the deciding factor between a stressful and a peaceful session. Not only does the lactation room promote the mental well-being of parents, but it can also positively impact milk production levels. So, creating a calm and peaceful environment is crucial for a successful and enjoyable pumping experience.


Breastfeeding Laws
The federal Fair Labor Standards Act ensures protection for breastfeeding employees, but several states have gone above and beyond. These state-level protections not only amplify the rights of mothers, but also prioritize their comfort and well-being. However, laws alone cannot fully address the complexities of this issue. It is crucial for companies to recognize the broader context and consider the diverse experiences and challenges faced by breastfeeding individuals. While legislation provides a necessary foundation, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment requires a collective effort from employers, communities, and society as a whole. For organizations aiming to usher in this change, initiating a conversation with the HR or facilities manager is a crucial first step.

In the midst of the bustling workplace, where the daily grind and noise can overwhelm, there is a profound need for an oasis of tranquility. A lactation space serves a greater purpose than just being a mere room; it becomes a sanctuary. Picture it: a serene corner carefully designed to provide privacy, complete with plush seating that beckons you to unwind. Imagine the convenience of an easily accessible electrical outlet, ensuring you can power up your devices or express milk whenever needed. And let’s not forget the assurance of a sanitized surface, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Creating a lactation space that encompasses all these elements not only promotes relaxation, but it also fosters genuine understanding and empathy in the workplace. Rest assured, this haven of peace is not just a luxury; it is an absolute necessity.

As the demand for privacy continues, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of communal spaces such as Lactation Lounges or Mother’s Room Lounges. These innovative spaces are explicitly designed to cater to the needs of multiple nursing employees simultaneously. Equipped with essential amenities including sinks, fridges, and microwaves, these lounges go above and beyond, creating a welcoming community that encourages new mothers to connect, provide support, and learn from one another. By fostering a sense of togetherness, these spaces provide a nurturing environment for new mothers to embark on their motherhood journey, forming lasting bonds while simultaneously ensuring their individual privacy needs are met. This in turn has caused a shift in workplace culture to celebrate the natural act of breastfeeding, and support parents commitment to their child’s wellbeing. The Nessel Vessel Extra is ADA compliant and ensures that every employee, irrespective of physical ability, can avail of the serene Nessel experience.



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