OM Sit Pod Cheap Meeting Pods Video Conference Booth Montenegro


OM Sit Pod is a great value option, for confidential phone calls and independent work


39.5in wide x 83.5in high x 37.5in deep (1 person)

Dark gray sound absorbing PET lining
Black and white exterior options available
Motion activated light and fan
Integrated work surface
High chair available as an extra
Power unit included with 1power, 2 USB and Ethernet port
Has a small footprint so can fit into most spaces in the office


OM Sit Pod is a small, yet highly efficient work pod a little larger than an office phone booth, designed as an easy way to upgrade any open plan space. As it is well-known, though open plan spaces, particularly offices, are great for teamwork and collaboration, they can also become highly distracting environments. This is particularly the case where private spaces where to make confidential phone calls or work in concentration and quietness are often scarce.

Building private rooms in pre-existing offices is often not possible and also highly expensive. OM Sit is the perfect answer to this problem, it is a fully enclosed unit, made of four walls, a ceiling and a floor fitted with castors, so that the pod can be easily moved around as and when needed, like our other mobile pods.

OM Work Pod is larger than a phone booth, making it perfect for use over longer periods of time, for example for long Zoom meetings, or simply to sit down and work in a noisy office when concentration, privacy, calm and quietness is needed. This work pod is fitted with an integrated work surface and it is big enough to also fit in a chair, so it can easily become an individual room to rival any built-in office.

OM Pod has a built in work surface and is also fully equipped with an integrated ventilation system, as well as LED lights, both with motion sensor activation. It also comes with a power socket and USB point so that users can work on it for a long period of time without having to worry about running out of battery.

OM Sit Work Pod also has great sound absorption qualities thanks to the acoustic materials used in its construction, especially beneficial in an open office. For example, its internal walls are covered in acoustic dark gray PET, which help keep conversations private, while providing a good barrier for a noisy office or distractions outside. In terms of design, OM Sit Pod has a very simple look, with no gimmicks or unnecessary accessories.

It has an elegant and modern rectangular shape with soft lines and a glazed back and front which create a sense of continuous movement of light and uninterrupted communication between the interior and exterior of this private space.

It is available in two different colors, black or white, minimizing complex choices and configurations, giving users what they need without complications. Nonetheless, thanks to the simplicity of its design, OM Pod can easily fit in with any pre-existing decor, without feeling distracting.

OM Sit Work Pod is a budget friendly work pod that does not compromise in design, quality, equipment or performance. It is completely functional, without unnecessary additions, it plain and simply provides a turnkey solution to a number of problems common in any open plan space or office. Not only beneficial for employees who need a private space, the OM is ideal for HR professionals and executives for confidential conversations.

It instantly adds seated private work spaces, similar to individual built-in offices but without the hassle and expense of construction works. It is also fully mobile so you can take it wherever you need to.


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