Probox Duo Individual Meeting Pods 4 Person Booth Romania


Probox Duo is a versatile office pod that evolves with your workplace

Dimensions: Width: 66.9″ x Length: 66.9″ x Height: 86.6″ – 2 person

Easy to install and move quickly and adaptable to your needs and requirements
Superb acoustics thanks to clever technology and a conscious choice of materials
Plug & play A power plug is provided for the whole box, so no electrical work is required.
Customizable in a variety of colors and finish details
Compact The foldable modules and flat panels make for compact storage and transport.
Perfect for meetings and video calls
Smart acoustics with acoustically absorbent materials that reduce ambient noise
Wide range of finishes available
Integrated CO2-controlled ventilation and lighting system
Plug & Play, includes power socket
Glass panel and glass door for additional natural daylight


Whether it’s brainstorming sessions or important video calls, the Probox Duo is the ultimate solution for enhancing collaboration and productivity. Experience the future of meeting spaces with the Probox Duo – where convenience meets innovation in the most captivating way possible!

re you tired of the traditional enclosed workspace? Well, here’s an exciting idea for you – why not transform the walls of the Probox into versatile partition walls? With this innovative feature, not only can you create a dynamic office layout, but it also allows your workspace solution to evolve seamlessly with the growth of your company. It’s time to embrace a new era of flexibility and adaptability in your office environment!

Our phone booth is designed to provide you with complete peace and tranquility while you work. It features premium acoustically insulated materials on both the inside and outside walls, effectively blocking out any disruptive noises.

With its carefully engineered structure, you can enjoy a truly undisturbed and focused work environment. So, whether you’re making important calls or need a quiet space for concentration, our phone booth is the perfect solution to ensure optimal productivity and a seamless work experience.

Dare to express your personal style! Every office and space possesses its own distinct character, making it an ideal canvas for a completely personalized phone booth. Imagine a phone booth that not only serves its purpose but also showcases your unique style. With our diverse selection of finishes and accessories, you have the power to transform a simple phone booth into an extraordinary masterpiece. Explore the possibilities and turn your phone booth into an intriguing focal point that captivates and intrigues all who enter your space.


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